Billboards in Focus

Billboards are a powerful and effective form of advertising that can reach a large audience quickly and easily. In this article, we will take a closer look at billboards, including their history, effectiveness, and how to create effective billboard ads.

Everyday on your way to the office or school, you pass by them. They are usually put up on buildings, walls or posts. They seem to be popping up everywhere these days. But what really are these type of advertising called? They are called billboards. These billboard advertising refers to large electronic display boards which are used for outdoor advertising. Everywhere you go, no matter what city you live you will see billboards around. Billboards are generally good for information dissemination and for informing of upcoming events.

Billboards in FocusThe current billboard explosion has roots in changes in market demographics, improved technology and competitive prices. Billboard advertising is considered the hottest advertising medium of the third millennium. They are a unique advertising medium. They are cost effective, have huge visual appeal and highly targeted.

Perhaps you have designed a new product or service and would like to announce it to new and existing customers. Reaching a lot of customer needs you to have a wide-ranging thorough advertising material. Perhaps putting up billboards across town will do the trick. So let’s say you have finally decided to put up a billboard. You have already asked the help of a professional designer to help you create an attention-grabbing billboard. Your next concern would be finding the company that offer billboard spaces and the cost of billboard advertising.

Billboards in FocusNo matter how you slice it, billboard advertising is on the rise in America. The cost of billboard advertising ranges from about $700 to $2,500 a month. That sounds a lot of money but note that a full page ad running for one day in a major newspaper costs about the same. The advances in technology have also contributed to the cost effectiveness of billboard advertising. In the past, billboards have to be hand painted, a costly and time consuming endeavor. But today, with the introduction of computers, billboards are designed on a computer, printed to poster paper or vinyl and glued to the billboard. The result is a better quality ad in less time, effort and money.

Billboards in FocusBut keep in mind that the amount of information you can include in your billboard is limited. So keep your ad short and appealing. Likewise, if you want to effectively reach your target market, view billboard advertising as one part of a balanced marketing strategy. An integrated marketing strategy that can include print, broadcast media and billboards is the key to drawing and keeping customers.

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